Data Analytics Research Group (DARG) works in the general area of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) with a focus on:

Semantic analysis.

Representing and measuring high-level information characteristics such as coherence, credibility, and trust.

Data mining and fusion applications that support information warfare capabilities and facilities.

Currently we do news analysis with an interest on event-type based, entity-based approaches to news representation, news chain coherence and credibility measurement.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Selma TEKİR

Graduate Students

Erhan SEZERER with a completed thesis entitled "News Story Analysis with Credibility Assessment by Opinion Mining".

Mustafa TOPRAK with a completed thesis entitled "A Lattice-based Approach for News Chain Construction".

Arzum KARATAŞ with a completed thesis entitled "Finding out Subject-matter Experts and Research Trends using Bibliographic Data".

Başar ÖZENBOY with an ongoing thesis entitled "Sales History-based Demand Prediction by using Generalized Linear Models".

Damla YAŞAR with an ongoing thesis entitled "Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Documents".

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